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Bullying Unit Plan: 6 Lessons (Grade 4-5)


Download the Unit Plan Overview: UnitPlan-BullyingUnit.doc


Click Here to Download All Lesson Plans Listed Below


Lesson 1:  Bullying 101

Language Arts




Lesson Length:   50 min

Assessment :      Formative

Lesson Description:

After reading scenarios of bullying, students will make connections between the examples and their own experiences with bullying, highlighting how/why the bully was powerful and the impact the experience had on the victim.

Students will also make inferences between personal experience, readings and a poem.

Finally, students will receive a work sheet to work on for the remainder of the period.


Download:          Lesson #1 - L.A. - Bullying 101.doc

Includes:              Sources where teachers can find necessary materials


Lesson 2


-Graphing Survey Results

-Data Management and Probability


Lesson Length:   50 min

Assessment:       Formative


Lesson Description:

Following a class survey, students will learn to interpret results and graph results properly, including titles for the graph, both x and y axis, units and use of colour in order to illustrate survey results.


Download:            Lesson Plan - Math - Graphing survey results.doc

Includes:                Rubric


Lesson 3

Social Sciences



Lesson Length:   50 min

Assessment:        n/a


Lesson Description:

Students will sit on the carpet, while the teacher reads "Henry and the Kite Dragon" by Bruce Edward Hall. This book will introduce the concept of bullies having a "turf".

Students will be asked to draw a map of their playground and indicate which are areas where bullying occurs most often.

Students will be introduced to the cardinal compass rose and a pictorial legend

Once finished, one student from each group will be asked to share their map with the class. Maps may be further personalized to indicate where friends play or where boys and girls play.


Download:           Lesson Plan #3 - Social Studies - Mapping bullying.doc

Includes:               Check list, Satellite map of playground for reference



Lesson 4




Lesson Length:   50 min

Assessment:       Summative


Lesson Description:

Students are introduced to the concept of personal space and are asked to find out how many students could fit in the room if every student had a personal space radius of 1.23 meters?

Students will present their findings in groups and will then discuss the importance of personal space in relation to bullying


Download:          Lesson Plan#4 - Math - Personal Space.doc

Includes:              Plan



Lesson 5

Language Arts

-Oral communication

-Vocal skills and strategies

The Arts

-Creative work


Lesson Length:   2 x 50 min

Assessment:       Formative


Lesson Description:

Students will start by playing a game where they must convey a specific emotion while saying one word (either "yes: or "well"). Next, the teacher will read the poem "My Walk to School" and "My Mom and Me" both by Andrea Wilson. Students will be asked to form small groups and given time to prepare to present each poem in their own way. Following student presentations, students will have an opportunity to record themselves reciting the poem, with a focus on voice and tone.


Download:          Lesson Plan #5 Language Arts-Bullying Poems.doc

Includes:              poems, peer assessment worksheet



Lesson 6

Visual Arts:

-Creative Work


Language Arts:

-Producing Media Texts


Lesson Length:   50 min

Assessment:        Formative


Lesson Description:

Students will analyze anti-bullying posters, and discuss their effectiveness, paying attention to colour, media, techniques, similarities etc. Students will then be asked to create their own anti-bullying posters along with a set of expectations (slogan, rough draft, etc) and a check list. Once posters are done, students will gather on the carpet to discuss which posters they like and why. Posters will be integrated into future lessons.


Download:          Lesson Plan # 6 Art-anti-bullying posters.doc

Includes:              examples of posters, check list




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