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BIPOC Future Teachers (BIPOCFT@OISE) (formerly Educators of Colour in Conversation) is a space for Master of Teaching (MT) candidates, future K-12 teachers, who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) to gather, learn, and uplift one another as they navigate the MT Program and prepare to teach in K-12 schools and beyond. 
BIPOCFT@OISE recognizes BIPOC communities are oppressed by White supremacy; White supremacy interlocks with anti-Indigenous racism and anti-Black racism, and deeply affects Indigenous communities and Black communities in ways settlers from communities of Colour may not experience; and BIPOC communities experience racism differently. Most BIPOC MT candidates are preparing to work in K-12 schools in the Greater Toronto Area, where BIPOC teachers and administrators remain minoritized. The majority of children and youth in K-12 schools are now from BIPOC communities, and all children and youth need BIPOC teachers in their classrooms and schools. 
BIPOCFT@OISE is facilitated, private, and confidential.


Dr. Sameena Eidoo created Educators of Colour in Conversation (EOCC) in 2014 to support OISE students from BIPOC communities, and reimagined Educators of Colour In Conversation as BIPOC Future Teachers @ OISE in 2021.


Contact Information

For more information about BIPOCFT@OISE and upcoming gatherings, please write to bipocfutureteachers@gmail.com.
During the 2021-22 academic year, we will continue to meet remotely via Zoom. 
Coordinator & Facilitator: Dr. Sameena Eidoo (she, her)


Racial Affinity Groups

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