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Issues That Matter:  2012

Protesting Bill 115

Why I protest

One TDSB teacher's perspective - David Kaufman

As someone who spends every Friday after school outside the constituency office of a Liberal cabinet minister to protest Bill 115, I want to clarify why we are there – and why many teachers have made the personal choice to demonstrate in various ways their opposition to Bill 115. Let me be very clear. I am not protesting the wage freeze. I’m fighting for democracy. Cynics may doubt my sincerity, or consider me alarmist, but I assure you, I wouldn’t be taking time away from my family to protest, and I wouldn’t be risking discipline from my employer, if this was simply about money.

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In Response to "A Pastoral Letter Regarding Bill-13"

Below is an e-mail sent by Phil Little (a former priest, a union leader, and a life-long activist), to Reverend Bishop Gerard Bergie (Diocese of St. Catherine's, Ontario).  The e-mail is in response to Bishop Bergie's letter to his Diocese regarding Bill 13.  The Centre for Urban Schooling would like to thank Mr. Little for giving us permission to share his powerful words on our website.

I noticed that you were born 12 years after me and ordained 10 years after me, so that would indicate that there is still lots of growing room left before your required retirement at 75. That perhaps is hopeful.

After getting married, I worked as a teacher in the TCDSB for 23 years, working in both the guidance and religion departments.  I worked in different schools at the high school level - and as a volunteer officer with OECTA I also came to know of the reality in many of the schools of the system.  Without a doubt, I came to know teachers (including clergy) who were gay - some who were comfortable with "coming out" but others who feared rightly that others might react negatively to them.  You can imagine how fearful it was for youth who in coming to an understanding of their own sexual orientation found themselves to be in a minority - but not as small a minority as they thought...

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Click here to download a copy of the report on Bill 13 commissioned by the Miss G__ Project for Equity in Education.

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