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Tara Goldstein










Tara Goldstein, PhD

Summary of interests: Equity/Anti-Oppressive Education, critical ethnography, performed ethnography and research-informed theatre

Recent Publications/presentations/interesting activities:

Goldstein, T. (2016). Border Crossing in the Classroom Through Performed Ethnography. Perspectives on Urban Education, 13(1): 4-19.

Gray, J., Snell, P., and Goldstein, T. (2015). Working Beyond an “Aesthetic of Objectivity” in Research-Informed Theatre Design. UNESCO Observatory: Multidisciplinary Research in the Arts.

Goldstein, T. (2014).  Learning from Other People’s Families.  Teaching Education Journal, 25(1): 65-81.

Goldstein, T., Gray, J., Salisbury, J. and Snell, P. (2014).When Educational Research Meets Theatre: Performed Ethnography and Research-Informed Theatre Project Design. Qualitative Inquiry,5) 674;685.

Goldstein, T. (2013).Zero Tolerance and Other Plays: Disrupting racism, xenophobia and homophobia in school.; Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers, 233 pages.

Goldstein, T. (2012) Staging Harriet’s House: Writing and Producing Research-Informed Theatre.;New York, NY: Peter Lang.

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Rob Simon










Rob Simon, PhD

Summary of interests: Rob Simon's scholarship draws upon critical practitioner research, critical literacy, and New Literacy Studies. In his research and teaching, Dr. Simon explores critical literacy as a means of encouraging educators to develop understandings, curriculum, and pedagogy from students’ literate lives—their diverse cultures, languages, and literacy practices. The aim is to re-imagine schools and literacy classrooms as places oriented to increased equity, access, and educational opportunity for all students. Dr. Simon recently completed a multiyear study of the collaborative inquiries of a community of urban literacy teachers. He is the principal investigator for a SSHRC-funded study of teachers'  and youths'  perspectives on the educational affordances of the online game Minecraft for urban classrooms, and the principal investigator of the Teaching to Learn Project, a Connaught-funded study that investigates a research community made up of teacher candidates, early-year literacy teachers, and youth. A recent interview about this project is available [http://onnetwork.facinghistory.org/collaborative-inquiry-using-night-an-interview-with-professor-rob-simon/].

Recent Publications/presentations/interesting activities:

Simon, R. (In Press). “Just don’t get up there and ‘Dangerous Minds’ us”: Taking an inquiry stance on adolescents’ literacy practices in urban teacher education. In J. Lampert & B. Burnett, Teacher Education for High Poverty Schools. New York: Springer.

Simon, R., and The Teaching to Learn Project: Bailey, A., Brennan, J., Calarco, A., Clarke, K., Edwards, W., Fujiwara, C., Kalan, A., Kruja, J., McInnes-Greenberg, E., & Pisecny, A. (2014). “In the swell of wandering words”: The arts as a vehicle for adolescents’ and educators’ inquiries into the Holocaust memoir Night. Perspectives on Urban Education, 11(2), 90-106. Available online at: http://www.urbanedjournal.org/archive/volume-11-issue-2-summer-2014/“-swell-wandering-words”-arts-vehicle-youth-and-educators’-inq

Simon, R., Brennan, J., Bresba, S., DeAngelis, S., Edwards, W., Jung, H., & Pisecny, A. (2014). Investigating literacy through intergenerational inquiry. In H. Pleasants & D. Salter (Eds.), Community-based multiliteracies and digital media projects: Questioning assumptions and exploring realities (pp.159-180). NY: Peter Lang.

Simon, R. (2013). “Starting with what is”: Exploring response and responsibility to student writing through collaborative inquiry. English Education, 45(2), 115-146. Available at: http://www.ncte.org/library/NCTEFiles/Resources/Journals/EE/0452-jan2013/EE0452Starting.pdf

Ghiso, M.P., Campano, G., & Simon, R. (2013). Grassroots inquiry: Reconsidering the location of innovation. Language Arts 91(2), 105-112.

Simon, R. & Campano, G. (2013). Activist literacies: Teacher research as resistance to the “normal curve”. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 9(1), 21-39. Available at: http://jolle.coe.uga.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Teacher-Research.pdf.

Simon, R., Campano, G., *Broderick, D., & *Pantoja, A. (2012). Practitioner research and literacy studies: Toward more dialogic methodologies. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 11(2) July 2012, 5-24. Available at: http://edlinked.soe.waikato.ac.nz/research/files/etpc/files/2012v11n2art1.pdf


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