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Inclusive Schools Pilot Project (TDSB/OISE/CUS)

CUS Staff, CUS Associates & OISE Staff: Dr. Leslie Stewart Rose, Dr. Mark Evans, Dr. Ann Lopez, Carmen Carrero de Salazar, Dr. Nicole West-Burns, Jeff Kugler
TDSB Partner Schools: Carleton Village Jr. & Senior P.S., Grey Owl Jr. P.S., Flemington P.S.

The Inclusive Schools Pilot Project is a collaborative effort between OISE and the TDSB. This research seeks to explore how the three pilot schools involved in the ISPP understand, advocate for, and intentionally attempt to integrate inclusive classroom and school practices into the school curriculum, school activities, and overall environment; particularly, but not limited to, with regard to the cultures, experiences and contributions of people of African descent and other racialized groups. Moreover, it also seeks to determine the relation, if any, of these intentionally implemented inclusive practices to student achievement and engagement. “Inclusive” is defined by the TDSB as:

“(A)n approach to learning and teaching that recognizes and values the rich diversity of our school population both in its content and methodology. Inclusive curriculum seeks to recognize and to affirm the life experiences of all students, regardless of background, social and economic status, sexual orientation, age, and ability/disability.”

This year, CUS continued to support the three-year implementation in three schools, which were at very different starting places in terms of this work. Each school continued to work with a liaison from OISE who, through a variety of ways (e.g. in-classroom support, workshops, facilitation of project implementation, etc.), assisted individual teachers and schools, as a whole, to become more inclusive. The intended goal of this project is to create a resource that may be used to assist other schools engaged in similar change processes. We have continued the exploration of resources and research material that inform inclusive practice, further refined the lens for analysis, continued data collection and analysis, and reported findings in a culminating project, the Inclusive School Handbook. Findings and learnings will be shared among stakeholders as determined by the TDSB Inclusive Schools steering committee.

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