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TDSB Beginning Teachers Collaborative Inquiry on CRRP

CUS Facilitator(s): Jeff Kugler, Dr. Vanessa Russell, Dr. Nicole West-Burns
Project Collaborator(s): TDSB Beginning Teachers, TDSB Early Years, TDSB Model Schools for Inner Cities, TDSB Equitable and Inclusive Schools

The CUS School Services Division supported training in this project to build CRRP demonstration classrooms for beginning teachers to observe and grow in their practice and understandings tied to this particular equity pedagogy. CUS Facilitators engaged in three phases: pre-implementation, building of demonstration classrooms and facilitating demonstration sessions, and post-implementation. For pre-implementation, we engaged in preparation planning meetings to outline sessions and formulate action steps for the project. With the demonstration classroom teachers, we provided six working sessions to build theoretical foundations and develop plans for classroom action based on the indicators from the CUS Equity Continuum: Critical Transformation for Schools and Classrooms. We then supported the teachers’ understanding and building of this work with visits to classrooms, further discussion and problem-solving along the way. We participated and facilitated in the classrooms on demonstration days, supporting the understandings of the observers, and gave a debrief session following the demonstrations. At the conclusion of the project, CUS collaborated to complete the written report regarding the findings/key learning’s and the building of the theoretical base tied to CRRP.

Some of the demonstration classroom lessons foci included: Kindergarten: Developing positive self-images with early learners tied to issues of race and gender; Grade 3/4 - Finding beauty within and valuing the community in Jane & Finch, contrasting this to media images; Grade 7 - Deconstructing issues of power and privilege tied to dialogue poetry (understanding perspective) and creating poetry focused on bullying and transgendered youth experiences in middle school.

The final project report can be obtained through the CUS office.

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