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Centre for Urban Schooling

The Centre for Urban Schooling:  Focus on Haiti

The Centre for Urban Schooling has designated this space for members of the community to have a meaningful conversation about how to support Haiti in its ongoing struggles for political, social and economic justice.  To get the ball rolling, here are some questions for discussion and action, adapted from a message posted to the University of Toronto's Caribbean Studies Students' Union (CARSSU) listserv: 

1. How can representations of Haiti as the western hemisphere's poorest country be reframed?  What forms of media and communication might we use to highlight Haiti's significant contributions to the world (e.g. their critical aid to Simon Bolivar in his liberation of Latin America; the participation of Haitians in the American Revolution)?

2.  What is the role of schools and teachers in facilitating their students' critical understanding of the commentary surrounding Haiti?

  • How can teachers use this as a "teachable moment" to help students understand that the overwhelming poverty and lack of social/economic infrastructure in Haiti did not come about by accident? 

  • How can teachers help their students to make broader connections between Haiti's history and patterns of unequal relations of power at home and abroad?

3. How do we develop institutional partnerships with Haitian schools and universities, thus lending our support to the re-building of formal education in Haiti?

To respond to any of these questions, click the "comments" button at the top right-hand corner of the page.  Be sure to read our comment policy first! 


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