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Highlights From Redefining Student Engagement 2007

Below you will find QuickTime™ video clips of selected presentations from the symposium.  These clips were chosen not because they reflected the views of CUS (they don't, necessarily), but because they are representative of the thought-provoking discussions that took place over the two days.  The clips have been organized according to the six domains of student engagement discussed in Towards a Multidimensional Framework...


Community & Neighbourhood Dynamics



Video: Chris Kang, Schools Without Borders (Canada)

Description:  Chris discusses what it means to engage youth in a way that goes beyond "consultations".



Video:  Naomi Savage, Toronto District School Board (Canada)

Description:  Naomi provides an example of what can happen when students' school lives and community lives are linked, in response to the shooting death of one of their peers.





Parent & Family Connections



Video: Ainsworth Morgan, Pathways to Education (Canada)

Description:  Ainsworth discusses the cost of not including the voices of parents and the school community in discussions about the education of youth.



Video: Annie Kidder, People for Education (Canada)

Description:  Annie discusses the role of public education.  




Relationships with Peers

Coming soon...





Education Policies & Assessment



Video: Dr. John P. Portelli, OISE/UT (Canada)

Description:  John discusses how education policy might be differently perceived.    





School Culture & Environment



Video: Mark Campbell, OISE/UT (Canada)

Description:  Mark discusses some limitations of using popular culture in the classroom for student engagement.




Video: Dr. Lois Weis, State University of New York (USA)

Description:  Lois discusses both the individual and community-based implications for student engagement.    




Video: Dr. Indigo Esmonde, OISE/UT (Canada)

Description:  Indigo takes a different perspective on students who have dropped out of school.  




Video: Dr. Shauna Pomerantz, Brock University (Canada)

Description:  Shauna discusses media responses to how girls dress, and the implications of this for schools.




Video: Dr. Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández, OISE/UT (Canada)

Description:  Rubén analyzes the relationships between students and teachers, and how they shape students' engagement. 





Curriculum, Pedagogy & Classroom Culture



Video: Mark Campbell

Description:  Mark describes one way of effectively using popular culture in the classroom. 




Video: Dr. David Gillborn, Institute of Education (UK)

Description:  David addresses the issue of "segregated" public schools. 




Video: Merrill Mathews, Halton District School Board (Canada)

Description:  Merrill discusses the relationship between students' disengagement and schooling.



Video: Tonika Morgan, Jane-Finch Community Centre (Canada)

Description:  Tonika offers an alternative definition of school "success".



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